Integer8 is designed to build scalable, high performance Spark applications with a smart visual interface. By shaping components, building blocks of an Integer8 job, it is possible to move and process large amounts of data on a scalable arcihtecure easily. Our primary mission is to provide a comfortable, reliable and managable integration platform to businesses at all scales.


  • Create new integration flows or copy an existing one to start
  • Drag & drop components, connect and configure flows
  • Add-drop probes to connections, see the records passing in execution
  • Inspect execution metrics of Spark actions, see which part of the job is taking longest to run
  • Create new versions or jobs for deployment


  • Create and manage repository objects
  • Organize work-space into subject areas
  • Create and manage Projects, Jobs, Job Versions, Variables and Schemas
  • Create and manage Connectors and Links


  • Publish Hadoop data on Hive
  • Query HDFS data with SQL editor
  • Create external-tables and views in Hive metastore
  • Connect BI tools for further visualization and reporting


  • Manage and monitor Integer8 services
  • Configure application resource parameters
  • Add / Remove and manage Integer8 users
  • Configure global platform properties