Speed Up Building ApplicationsReduce development time up to 90%

Integer8 helps businesses to speed up their data integration life-cycle by providing smart visual development tools with debugging and viewing capabilities. Taking an idea into production may took weeks in traditional development utilities. Integer8 enables fast prototyping of business requirements which leads to rapidly having actionable insights while they were still valuable.

Bring Citizen Developers Into PlayBy reducing complexity on data integration technologies

Big data technologies are rapidly evolving and it is not a trivial task to become a Spark expert. Provide your citizen developers an easy to use and learn development environment to boost team productivity and business success. Don’t let skill barriers to slow down your business.

Lower Costs DramaticallyUse open source integration technologies with scalable infrastructures

Engineered data integration platforms are not easy to afford. Enabling open source technologies with reduced complexity may reduce platform and infrastructure costs dramatically. Having a scalable architecture prevents paying higher up-front fees and eliminates the risk of miscalculating future requirements. With Integer8 it is possible to acquire an integration platform and start building applications immediately.