Visual Application Designer

  • Drag & drop development studio
  • Processing of real time and static data with the same api
  • Ability to Copy/Paste, Enable/Disable set of components enables comfortable development experience
  • +30 components to shape data in flows easily
  • Data viewing option both for stationary and flowing data
  • SQL query editor for all type of data viewer interface
  • Fail ports enable schema validation to isolate the malformed records

Central Metadata Repository

  • Organized by projects, jobs, variables and schemas
  • Ability to use variables to create dynamic execution contexts
  • Reusable schemas enables metadata consistency across the environment
  • Keeps track of job versions and execution history
  • Object lock mechanism to protect current code state

Enable Simplicity & Productivity in Enterprise Data Integration

Integrated Hive Catalog

  • Keep Hadoop data in an organized query-enabled layer
  • Publish pipeline data as tables for persistent access
  • Create temporary views from pipelines for short term debugging
  • Provide a simple SQL editor for data exploration for non-developer profiles
  • Enable 3rd party tools to access pipeline data via Hive interface
  • Connect BI tools to easily visualize integrated data

Blended Real Time & Stationary Data Pipelines

  • Use power of Spark Structured Streaming with same visual development environment
  • Combine streaming flows with static data sources on the fly
  • Create online pipelines for real time feeds
  • Supply target data stores with real time pipelines
  • Create online tables in Catalog for real time dashboards

Boost productivity in an easy to manage and operate integration environment

Rich Connectivity

  • Use 15+ built-in connectors to reach cloud and native data sources
  • Configure connectors with custom parameters for optimization
  • Connect and operate on cloud file systems such as Amazon S3, Azure Blob Storage and Azure Data Lake Store
  • Consume and subscribe to messaging queues like Kafka and Azure Event Hubs in real time

Smart Developer Tools

  • Powerful expression editor to build complex Spark expressions
  • Simple debugging with expression validator
  • Fast and correct mapping with Auto-Map functionality
  • Easy configuration with auto-complete activated editors
  • Preview data on flow during execution with Probe widgets
  • Keep samples of probe execution data for further analysis