Integer8 helps businesses to collect, reshape and transform their static and streaming data sources in a smart visual development environment using powerful execution engine of Apache Spark

Build Faster

– Develop, build and debug Spark applications faster and smoother than ever
– Use +30 built-in components to re-shape your data interactively

Stay Organized

– Organize your workspace with central metedata repository
– Use reusable variables and schemas to enable consistency

Explore Data on Hadoop

– Explore data on Hadoop with SQL
– Connect BI tools to visualize
– Create live dashboards with streaming feeds

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Drag&Drop development environment to integrate data flows easily, faster


Central metadata repository to organize your workspace and maintain the integration environment


Explore, query and analyse data with SQL editor. Connect BI tools to visualise.

Simplify data integration, focus on business value not coding


Speed Up Development

Rapidly prototype applications with smart visual designer

Simplify Integration

Visual development interface eliminates code complexity

Reduce Platform Costs

Use open-source technologies without technical difficulties on scalable platforms