ETL OffloadingMove cold and archive data to Hadoop

  • Offload your high volume – processing heavy tasks to Hadoop platform
  • Take advantage of parallel processing capabilities of Apache Spark and HDFS
  • Free up valuable processing power of your EDW solution for SLA critical tasks
  • Dramatically reduce costs per TB to store data – Hadoop based storage is 30x cheaper
  • Combine your legacy data with new generation data sources for advanced analytics
  • Scale your environment by adding more resources with minimum cost overhead

Log AnalyticsAnalyse unstructured log data

  • Feed and parse unstructured log data in Hadoop platform with Integer8
  • Enrich your metrics with ERP & CRM data
  • Create batch and real-time integration flows for both analytics and operational reporting
  • Serve outputs to BI systems – create real time operational dashboards
  • Let your data scientists explore historical data trends via SQL